Southeast ASIA Education Conference 2017

We are used to know that education brought to human many benefits. However, how many people in the world understand or get a chance to understand the exact meanings of education? In this summer, two-day conference in AYEE2017 will bring to you this opportunity and help you change your traditional thinking and awareness of education.
This activity concludes 4 main panels in first day and 2 workshops in second day. They gather a lot of professional speakers all over the world to share their experiences and knowledge about education from different angles.
“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” – Albert Einstein.
 You want to be a change maker, a risk taker or a game changer, join AYEE2017 conference to see how surprise you will find in this conference to make your dream come true through this link:
After 2-day Conference, each participant would receive a certificate as a quality assurance from AYEE2017.
Venue: Conference Hall – EdenStart Saigon Hotel (38 Bui Thi Xuan Street, Ben Thanh Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City).
Date: 4th July, 2017 from 8am to 10pm.
I.Panel A: Redefining Education in Southeast Asia: How the Activists are doing it
In this panel, we will identify educational problems in ASEAN countries, analyze how some activists make their moves in redefining education and discuss further on the results of it. Panel A is also a chance to meet 4 famous speakers:
1. Mr. Ouk Van Day – Founder of Coconut school in Cambodia.
2. Mr. Ronald William Laurie – Co-founders, INTEG Solutions Pty. Ltd.
3. Ms. Avril Laurie – Co-founders, INTEG Solutions Pty. Ltd.
4. Ms. Enjiao Chen – Co-founder, Code for Asia.
II.Panel B: Social enterprises “Aiding innovation in education’’
The focus of Panel B is on the current condition and background of education within countries that form the Association of Southeast Nations. The discussion then seeks to address the speakers and shows acknowledgement of their impacts on ASEAN’s educational status. This Panel welcomes the present of 4 speakers:
1. Mr. Henry-Motte Munoz – Founder,
2. Mr. Le Dinh Hieu – Founder, G.A.P Institute
3. Mr. Daniel Tran Tuan Anh – Eswest Leadership Training and Development in Vietnam.
4. Ms. Arizza Nocum (represented by Jhon Robert Ko), Overall Head of KRIS Library.
III.Panel C: Promoting environmental and climate literacy – a think piece on intergenerational equity
In the cognizance of the importance of the notion “intergenerational equity” as a pillar in environmental education, Panel C aims to elucidate the term “intergenerational equity”, reflect environmental awareness amongst ASEAN member countries and assess the state of promoting environmental literacy. According to the results, environmental literacy in general and the idea of intergenerational equity have not gained sufficient popularity and the rate at which environmental literacy is promoted in ASEAN member countries, especially the developing ones, is not remarkable enough to be effective. Four professional speakers are going to share experiences and advice in this panel:
1. Ms.Sue Lennox – Founder of OzGreen (Australia).
2. Mr.Chris Wright – Founder of Climate Trackers.
3. Mr. Pondet Ananchai – Founder of Secret2Rich – Forex Trading in Thailand
4. Ms. Norhayatunajibah Hj Kifli (Naj Kay) – Founder of Youth Ending Slavery in Brunei.
IV.Panel D: Education, the new public service: Serving not steering.
This Panel D aims to principal characteristics of the New Public Service which prove that the most notably and primary role of it is to help citizens articulate and meet their shared interests in education rather than to attempt to control or steer the society. This activity is the place to share experiences and knowledge of four professional speakers:
1. Mr. Delane Lim – Founder of Futuready Asia in Singapore.
2. Hon. Kaye Revil – LGU of Masbate.
3. Mr. Chad Osorio – Osorio Group of Companies (UNESCO).
4. Mr. Lee Michael Lambert – Asian Development Bank (UNESCO).

Venue: Conference hall on 2nd floor, building C of Itaxa (126 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City).

Date: 5th July, 2017

I.“Oz-green Facilitator’s training” workshop:
AYLA will host “Oz-green Facilitator’s training” workshop in Ho Chi Minh City on 5th July from 8am to 12pm. This workshop is a chance to meet Sue Lennox, a co-founded of OzGREEN and a power woman in the world who is participating in solving climate change (according to Green Photo Voice). Moreover, this workshop gratefully welcome M.A Ali Thwaites , an enthusiastic girl readily sharing her passion in environmental, natural and social issues for the youth. The third person presents at this event is Ruby Tavener , a inspirational talent of OzGREEN. Coming to “Oz-green Facilitator’s training”, you not only can learn the methods of effectively solving challenging problems but also can change your vision and action plan.
II.Innovation workshop:
INNOVATION workshop will take place at Ho Chi Minh City on 5th July from 2:30pm to 3:30pm. In INNOVATION workshop of #AYEE2017, delegates will meet some speakers to listen to their typical accomplishments. This is a chance for delegates to experience what is CREATIVITY EDUCATION and understand how the creativity and advance in education can affect to the youth. INNOVATION workshop is also an interesting opportunity to integrate and make friends.
  • Ticket price: Full 2 days: 680 000 VND

You can pay by 2 forms:

Offline ticket: We will announce the date and place to buy ticket through your email.
– Online ticket: Delegates transfer money to the account below and get the ticket by email.
  • Account holder: Nguyen Minh Thi.
  • Account number: 0071001146977
  • Bank: Vietcombk iann Ho Chi Minh City.
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